Long Arm Quilting

Edge-to-Edge Long Arm Quilting (E2E)

We use a single computer-driven pattern that you help us select and one thread color that you choose to finish the rows for the entire quilt. Prices vary depending on the detail and density of the selected pattern, and the batting and thread you choose. We have over 1,300 patterns and 12 vibrant color stock threads to choose from. Special color or variegated thread can be provided at an additional cost.

Custom Long Arm Quilting

We use hand-guided or computer-driven techniques along with optional multiple threads to complete your custom quilt. Blocks, borders, lettering, “stitch in the ditch” (SID) and/or patterns of varying detail and density can be sewn in specific areas to finish and personalize your project exactly the way you want it. Prices vary depending on complexity of overall design, manual intervention needed to facilitate thread color changes, use of SID and starts/stops in the custom block, border or pattern flow.

  • Custom Long Arm Quilting prices range from 0.032 per square inch (psi) to 0.062 per square inch (psi) . Here are some content and pricing examples for what we consider custom work:

  • Delivery –
    Delivery charges are passed on to the client at our cost. Standard turnaround time is 2 weeks. If you choose custom batting or thread please allow extra time.
    If you need Express Service, Please, ASK. We will help you whenever we can and keep the cost affordable!!

  • Our Standard Batting –
    Hobbs Premium Heirloom 80/20 Cotton/Poly Blend
    96 in = 7.50 per yard
    120 in = 9.00 per yard
    Other batting available upon request at an additional cost

  • Our Standard Thread –
    OMNI 40 wt polyester by Superior Threads (St.George, UT)
    $6.00 includes up to 3 bobbins. $2 for each additional bobbin needed.

Let us finish help you finish your quilting project using our computer-driven long arm quilting process.

Long Arm Quilting

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